Rubber Expansion Joints – Elastomeric

Rubber Expansion Joints

Rubber expansion joints are flexible, engineered couplings that are installed in piping systems to allow for movement, expansion and misalignment, and to reduce noise, isolate vibration, and accommodate other strains that rigid piping otherwise could not withstand. Thomson XJR expansion joints are designed in a multitude of configurations and elastomers to handle the most extreme conditions found todays industrial processing plants.

  • Complete Engineering and Quality Control support to ensure that all customer requirements are met.
  • Standard range of product is nationally registered and comes complete with CRN.
  • The Thomson Rubber Expansion Joint complies with:
    • Fluid Sealing Association’s Series “C” pressure characteristics.
    • ASME.
    • All products come complete with appropriate tagging, and applicable test documents per customer request.
    • ABSA Certificate of Authorization.

In developing the XJR series expansion joint, the A.R. Thomson Group conducted demanding pressure and movement tests to ensure performance well beyond the specified ratings and the minimum standards set by ASME. Thomson’s XJR expansion joints raise the bar on the safety margin while ensuring long life and reliable service.

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