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Flow Pro Sealing System

Flow Pro Bushing

Reduces flush water and extends equipment life, custom machined to fit your equipment hybrid sealing solution UNI-directional.

  • Extends equipment life by protecting sleeve (non contact) and isolates packing from media attack.
  • Significant cost savings:
    • Reduces flush water requirements as much as 70-90% (as demonstrated with the installation of a Thomson ESF Flowmeter)Eliminates packing extruded into the process.
    • Reduces number of packing rings and includes integral lantern ring – never lose lantern ring position again!
  • Controls the stuffing box environment: Harmful solids and particulate are contained from entering the stuffing box as the flush water is forced by the FLOW PRO bushings’ unique design (integral tangential multi-porting) toward the pumped media utilizing the shaft’s rotation and centrifugal forces that are created; allows small amount to lubricate the compression packing.
  • Axially Split design installs quickly: Easily retrofitted into existing stuffing boxes typically with no equipment modification required.

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