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Motion Pac X Pump Packing

Motion Pac X Pump Compression Packing

Carbon fiber c/w Aflas® resilient elastomer core. Excellent choice for side, bottom and top entry agitators/mixers.

  • Oversize square braid design ensures tight seal in worn or oversized stuffing boxes.
  • Carbon/Aflas maximizes reliability and stability in equipment.
  • Excellent chemical resistance: 0–14 pH, except strong oxidizers.
  • Carbon filament reinforcement resists extrusion in high pressure applications.
  • Spool stock convenience.
  • Maintains an effective seal in a high radial run out or bent shaft conditions (e.g. Side entry Agitators/Mixers).


  • High purity carbon yarn c/w Aflas elastomeric resilient core.


  • Most rotary applications.
  • Agitators/Mixers.
  • Re-pulpers.
  • Thomson Sealing Systems FLOW PRO™ bushing, compression packing sealing rings.

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