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Ultra Pac Chemical Industry Packing

Ultra Pac Packing

Flexible graphite c/w high purity carbon for anti-extrusion and abrasion-resistant corners.

  • High-purity carbon corners resist extrusion in worn equipment and high pressure applications.
  • Spool stock convenience reduces inventory costs.
  • No end rings in valves required which reduces gland water consumption to 70-90%.
  • All-graphite construction:
    • Maximizes reliability and stability in high temperatures. Also provides excellent chemical resistance.
    • Dissipates heat quickly: equipment runs cooler and requires less flush water.
    • Less sleeve wear extends meantime between repair (MTBR).


  • Flexible graphite yarn reinforced with high-purity, anti-extrusion carbon corners with graphite surface coating. Interlock braid.


  • High speed rotary applications.
  • Abrasive slurry applications.
  • Installations with Thomson FLOW PRO™ bushings.

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