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Multi Spring Component Seals

Multi-spring component seals are advanced mechanical seals used in various industrial applications to prevent leakage between rotating shafts and stationary housings. Unlike traditional single-spring seals, multi-spring seals employ multiple springs arranged in a specific configuration, offering enhanced performance and reliability. From oil and gas to manufacturing, AR Thomson delivers trusted solutions for sealing challenges worldwide.

TUI Seal

The TUI is a general purpose mechanical seal with a wide range of applications. It is designed to operate with cold and hot water, oils, fuels, mild chemicals and other liquids contaminated with solid particles.

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Type 8 Seal
Type 8

The type 8-1/8-1T it a compact multi-spring seal suitable for a wide variety of applications. These designs adhere to the shaft with a series of built-in set screws.


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Type 9 Seal
Type 9

The type 9 seal features a PTFE wedge secondary seal which is inert to most chemicals.


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