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Standard Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Standard cartridge seals are pre-assembled mechanical seals designed for common industrial applications, offering a convenient and efficient solution by integrating all the necessary sealing components into a single, easily replaceable unit.

TAC 11 Seal
TAC 11 

The TAC 11 is a single, stationary spring cartridge seal with an Elliptical gland. This is an economical crossover seal that is intended to replace packing or component seals.

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TAC 20 Seal
TAC 20 

The TAC 20 is a single, stationary spring seal with
flush port. It is an economical compact seal with basic
environmental control capability.


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TAC 33 Seal
TAC 33

The TAC 33 is a single cartridge seal with premium
features including tangential flush ports, quench and drain
ports, carbon restriction bushing or quench containment device. The TAC 33 is available in a full range of exotic alloy materials.

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TAC 44 Seal
TAC 44

The TAC 44 is a premium dual seal with a heat management system, monolithic faces, bi-directional flush ports and self-aligning faces. The TAC 44 is available in virtually any metallurgy or face combination, making it an extremely versatile seal.

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