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A.R. Thomson Group Inc. is a leading provider of non-metallic flange gaskets, offering a wide range of sealing solutions that are specifically designed to meet needs of various industries. Our non-metallic gaskets, made from materials such as compressed fiber sheet, rubber, PTFE, and graphite, provide excellent chemical resistance, high temperature capability, and exceptional sealing performance for industrial applications.

Compressed Sheet Gasket

High-quality and innovative compressed gasket solutions for general service as well as the most challenging industrial applications.

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PTFE / Teflon™ Gaskets

Dependable and high performance gaskets for extreme chemical service where reliability is critical. Thomson Eclipse gasketing is the new standard for universal chemical compatibility and optimal safety.

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Flexible Graphite Gaskets 

Exceptional high temperature capability an broad chemical range, Thomson flexible graphite gasketing is the new benchmark for safety and versatility. 

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Rubber Gaskets
Rubber Gaskets

Wide selection of rubber gaskets, bulk rolls and sheet. Nitrile, Neoprene, Silicon, Vton, Aflas EPDM, NSF  certified and much more - in stock, and ready to ship.

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Textile Products Gaskets
Textiles Product

High temperature fiberglass braided rope ceramics, tadpole tape, drop warp tape, door seals, boiler gaskets and more.

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NSF 61 Gaskets 

NSF 61 gaskets are made from materials that have been certified to comply with the NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 61 for drinking water. A.R. Thomson Group is a certified NSF gasket fabricator.

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OptiLoad Gaskets
OptiLoad® Gaskets 

Specially designed for low-load applications such as plastic and glass lined flanges found in the chemical processing industry. Available in a wide range of materials such as Viton, Aflas,  EPDM and PTFE for extreme chemical service.

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Gore Gaskets
Gore® Gaskets 

Gore-Tex gaskets are made from ePTFE (expanded Teflon™) material which provides universal chemical compatibility and reliability at high pressures and temperatures. 


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Garlock Gaskets
Garlock® Gaskets

A long standing brand synonymous with quality and reliability in a wide range of industrial applications.


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