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A.R. Thomson Group Inc is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance gasket materials. Our top-notch gaskets find applications in various industries such as oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemical, and mining. We take pride in providing state-of-the-art technologies and solutions that withstand the most challenging environments.

Since 1967, the A.R. Thomson Group has established itself as a trusted name in industrial seal and gasket technologies.

Metallic Gaskets
Metallic Gaskets

These include the Spiral Wound and Kammprofile designs using stainless steel and exotic alloys. Our offerings extend to a diverse range of high-temperature and chemically resistant fillers and facings, featuring flexible graphite, vermiculite, and PTFE (Teflon).

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Non-Metallic Gaskets
Non-Metallic Gaskets 

The Thomson Performance Sealing range encompasses a diverse selection of products, including compressed sheet material, Teflon (PTFE), and elastomeric options. These are designed to meet the requirements of demanding industrial applications

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Custom Gaskets
Custom Gaskets 

We specialize in crafting custom-cut gaskets and seals from a variety of materials, including compressed sheet, rubber, flexible graphite, and Teflon. In addition, we provide molded rubber products and rubber extrusions tailored to meet customer specifications.


Compression Gaskets
Compressed Fiber Sheet

High-quality and innovative compressed fiber gasket solutions for general service as well as the most challenging industrial applications.

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PTFE Teflon Gaskets
PTFE / Teflon

Thomson Eclipse is the new standard for universal chemical compatibility and optimal safety.


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Flexible Graphite Flange Gaskets
Flexible Graphite 

Exceptional high temperature capability an broad chemical range, Thomson flexible graphite is the new benchmark for safety and versatility. 

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Rubber Gaskets
Rubber Gaskets

Wide selection of rubber, bulk rolls and sheet. Nitrile, Neoprene, Silicon, Viton, Aflas EPDM, NSF certified and much more - in stock, and ready to ship.

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Textile Products Gaskets
Textiles Product

High temperature fiberglass braided rope ceramics, tadpole tape, drop warp tape, door seals, boilers and more.

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NSF 61 Gaskets
NSF 61 

NSF 61 is made from materials that have been certified to comply with the NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for drinking water. A.R. Thomson Group is a certified NSF fabricator.

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OptiLoad Gaskets

Specially designed for low-load applications such as plastic and glass lined flanges found in the chemical processing industry. Available in a wide range of materials such as Viton, Aflas, EPDM and PTFE for extreme chemical service.

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Gore Gaskets

Gore-Tex is made from ePTFE (expanded Teflon) material which provides universal chemical compatibility and reliability at high pressures and temperatures. 


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Garlock Gaskets

A long standing brand synonymous with quality and reliability in a wide range of industrial applications.

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What is a gasket?

A gasket serves as a mechanical seal, filling the space between two or more mating surfaces to prevent leakage from or into the connected objects when under compression.

Gaskets find common use in engines, pipes, valves, and various mechanical systems where a secure seal is crucial to prevent the escape of fluids or gases.

These seals are typically crafted from flexible materials like rubber, cork, or metal, selected based on the specific gasket application and sealing requirements. Gaskets come in diverse shapes and sizes to accommodate different joint and connection types. Their primary role is to hinder leaks and compensate for irregularities or gaps in the mating surfaces.

Types Of Gasket Material

  1. Non-Metallic:

    • Rubber : Made from materials like neoprene or silicone, these are flexible and suitable for creating a seal against liquids and gases.
    • Cork: Composed of cork and rubber, these are resilient and often used in low-pressure applications.
  2. Metallic:

    • Spiral Wound: Constructed by winding metal and filler material, these provide excellent resilience and strength, making them suitable for high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
    • Ring Joint: Typically used in high-pressure applications, these feature a metallic ring with a hexagonal or octagonal cross-section.
  3. Semi-Metallic:

    • Metal Jacketed: Combining a soft filler material with a metal jacket, these offer a balance of flexibility and strength, making them ideal for various applications.
    • Kammprofile: Featuring a serrated metal core, these provide effective sealing and are commonly used in flanged connections.
  4. Solid:

    • Graphite: Composed of layers of graphite, these excel in high-temperature and corrosive environments, offering reliable sealing performance.
    • PTFE: Made from polytetrafluoroethylene, these provide excellent chemical resistance and low friction, making them suitable for various applications.

Choosing the right type of gasket depends on factors such as the operating conditions, type of fluid or gas being sealed, temperature and pressure. Proper selection ensures an effective and durable sealing solution in industrial, automotive, and other engineering applications. 

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Next Generation Gaskets

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Industry Solutions:


Chemical Processing: Essential for maintaining equipment integrity in the chemical processing industry, gasket solutions play a crucial role in preventing leaks and ensuring operational efficiency.

Mining: In mining, reliable sealing solutions, including gasket industry solutions, protect equipment exposed to harsh conditions, enhancing the longevity of mining operations.

Oil & Gas: In the oil and gas industry, vital components like gaskets contribute to effective sealing, minimizing leak risks and ensuring operational safety and reliability.

Marine: Essential for marine applications, gasket industry solutions offer effective sealing for engines, pumps, and ship components, withstanding challenging marine environments.

Pulp and Paper: Playing a pivotal role, gaskets provide sealing solutions for equipment in the pulp and paper industry, ensuring efficient and reliable paper manufacturing processes.

Construction: Contributing to structural integrity, gasket solutions provide reliable seals for pipelines, HVAC systems, and other critical construction components in the construction industry.

Aerospace: Integral in aerospace, gaskets ensure proper sealing of aircraft components, engines, and systems, contributing to safety and performance.

Sawmills: Employed in sawmills, gasket industry solutions provide effective sealing for equipment, preventing contaminants from compromising machinery functionality.

Food & Beverage: Vital in the food and beverage industry, gaskets maintain equipment integrity, meeting stringent hygiene standards and preventing contamination.

Agriculture: In agriculture, gasket solutions contribute to efficient equipment operation, providing reliable seals to prevent leaks and maintain optimal performance.

Automotive: While A.R. Thomson Group doesn't offer automotive gaskets, this sector heavily relies on specialized solutions for sealing critical components, ensuring vehicle performance and reliability (eg. engine block and cylinder head gasket).

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