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OptiLoad Aflas Gasket

OptiLoad Aflas Gasket Brand

Opti-Load Aflas gasket is a low load to seal gasket made from Aflas rubber – an extremely versatile elastomer with exceptional chemical and temperature capabilities. Especially suited for Chlor-Alkali plants.

Features and Benefits of Opti-Load Aflas Gasket

  • Raised sealing rings reduce the seating area of the gasket, lowering the required load to achieve a seal.
  • Sealing rings also help maintain the seal during thermal and pressure cycling.
  • Excellent resistance to Steam and hot water.
  • Excellent resistance to caustics and acids.
  • Good resistance to most Hydrocarbons.
  • Superior Dielectric strength.
  • High Temperature capability compared to standard elastomers.
  • Identification tab on the outside diameter of the gasket allows operator to verify material and size while in service.

Typical Applications of Opti-Load Aflas Gasket

  • Non-metallic flanges and flanges that have limited seating stress available.
  • Most chemical service (acid and caustic) where steam and hot water may be present.
  • Chlor-Alkali applications such as Sodium Hypochlorite, and caustic soda.
  • Opti-Load Aflas Gasket Specifications
  • Construction: Aflas Elastomer
  • Color: Black
  • Temp. Range: Min: –9°F; Intermittent: 400°F.
  • Durometer, Shore A ±5: 70
  • Pressure: Max: 250 psi. See Datasheet below for recommended bolt torque values.

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